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Facilities Design & Operations

Utilities Department


The Power Plant

Provides energy and utility production and services in support of campus facilities, including the on-site production of steam, chilled water, domestic water, domestic hot water, compressed air, and electricity. We also manage imported utilities services, including electricity and natural gas.


Steam, chilled water, domestic water, domestic hot water, compressed air, and electricity are conveyed to campus facilities via tunnels, pipes, and wires. We also maintain and manage campus storm and sanitary sewer systems in addition to performing the necessary repairs and maintenance to all campus site lighting and parking lot gates.

Building Controls

Repairs and maintenance services are administered to nearly all on-campus HVAC control system components. A state-of-the-art central building automation system enables us to monitor and schedule most major pieces of equipment on campus.

Engineering and Technical Services

The Utilities Department provides mechanical, electrical, and environmental engineering support and project management services to many departments on campus, including the Office of the University Architect.

Utility Locates

Because of the extensive network of underground utilities on campus, the Utilities Department coordinates a service to locate utilities prior to any excavation. We maintain maps of all underground utilities to minimize disruptions to utility services and to assist with campus planning.